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Most Current News 2010-09-23

Hi Folks!

I understand that it's been an incredibly long time since our last update. A lot has been going on outside the realm of Silent Devil. We launched a site called The Webcomic Factory which features a new comic every day of the week! We also have project in the making that is *hush hush* but we'll give you some details later :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Posted by Nick Beranek at 2010-09-23 04:59:47 | Link to this article

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Minions of Ka
Dracula vs. King Arthur
An unnamed warrior for hire finds himself caught between the Church and the English Monarchy in one of the greatest conspiracies of all time...
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Dracula is sent back in time by Lucifer to face off against King Arthur. It's Evil Meets Medieval! Collecting the critically acclaimed mini-series for the first time...
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Antigone stands against King Creon for the right to bury her dead brother. This new version of the Oedipus trilogy is a Goth fantasy, mixing ancient and modern... [read more about Antigone]

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2010-09-23 04:59:47
Hi Folks!

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