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No Coast Studios is the home of the weekly EComic "The Mondays", as well as the upcoming print book. "Just A Guy".


In alphabetical order:

Christian BeranekChristian Beranek


Christian Beranek is a very busy man. Born in Iowa, raised in Germany, a resident of Virginia, Chicago, Florida and now Los Angeles, Beranek runs the publishing end of Silent Devil. In charge of putting together projects and making sure they show up on store shelves, he has taken the small press company from nothing to quite a bit of something. Along with his very talented staff, he is hard at work developing the new direction of Silent Devil.

He knows that Silent Devil will not succeed without the support of its fans, so expect him to continue to make appearances all across the US, and starting in 2007, the world. These appearances are done to promote goodwill and the industry we all love.

Adam BeranekAdam Beranek


With the help of his brother, Chris, Adam has found his calling. Living in the depths of despair in Charlottesville, VA, Adam was wasting away in bars and in the arms of some undeserving women. Chris, sensing his brother's despair, gave him an outlet (writing comics) and helped him get back on his feet. Dracula vs. King Arthur helps Adam exorcise his demons and hopes that it will help other people deal with their own troubles and be entertained at the same time. Adam is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BA in Economics.

Nick Beranek & Heather AddleyNick Beranek & Heather Addley

Post-Production Team
Nick: Co-Founder, Webmaster, Letterer
Heather: Letterer

Nick is the Marketing Manager for Cables Plus USA during the day and at night he sparks his computer up and works on the Silent Devil site and books. He is heavily influenced by music and a couple of his hobbies are video games, watching movies, and bowling.

Heather spent most of her life in Syracuse, NY, where she studied photography, now she lives with Nick in Richmond, VA. She and Nick had their first child, Hayden Frances, on December 18th, 2005, and she has brought tons of joy into their lives.

Tony DiGerolamoTony DiGerolamo

Marketing Director

Tony DiGerolamo is a New Jersey screenwriter, novelist, comic book writer, game designer, improv comic and actor. He is best known for his work on The Simpsons and Bart Simpson comic books, but his biggest credit is as a joke writer for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. Tony is the official biographer for Lambda Sigma Rho and the web strip Super Frat and a complete list of his credits are here and at his official website.

Tony began his career in comic books as the host of The Comic Book Show television program based out of Philadelphia from 1992 to 1994. In 1996, he created his own imprint, South Jersey Rebellion Productions, which published The Travelers, Jersey Devil, The Fix and other comic books. He has been on many sides of the comic book business as a publisher, creator, writer, promoter, retailer and critic. Currently, Tony is the director of the Ninjas improv group in Philadelphia. He continues to freelance writing comic books, games and screenplays while helping promote Silent Devil.

Bruce LevineBruce Levine


Bruce (the one on the right in case you weren't sure) knows that when he grows up he wants to write comic books. To that end he has joined the Silent Devil cast of characters, studying under the great masters of the independent press. Until that great American comic book is written, however, Bruce is a practicing attorney with his own law firm. Proud to be Silent Devil's consigliere, Bruce tries his hardest to keep the brothers Beranek, as well as all the other creatures of the Silent Forest, out of trouble. Watch out if he makes you an offer you can't refuse.

Lauren PerryLauren Perry


Lauren Perry is an editor for Silent Devil and the resident fairy godmother, overseeing many of the company's titles, including The Devil's Panties, Unhappy White Girls, and The Lure. She is also a graduate of Shippensburg University with a Bachelors degree in English. A regular on the comic convention circuit, she can be seen helping out at the SD booth or hopping around the floor, spreading the word to old and new fans alike.


Alexis MillanAlexis Millan


Alexis is a recent graduate of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where she studied painting, drawing, and photography.  She has been reading comic books since before she could read and has never wanted to do anything else in her life other than make comic books.  She is currently living in Arlington, VA with her cat, Godzilla, where she works as a mild-mannered mall employee to conceal her true identity.

Hannah SutinHannah Sutin


Hannah Sutin was attending a conference in Los Angeles in March of 2005 when she bumped into a few employees of dark horse in a nearby smoothie shop. They informed her that Wizard World Los Angeles was going on next door to the conference she was attending. She went in for two hours due to a slight interest in comic books.

She took a bunch of pamphlets from ACTOR and life has never been the same since. She now volunteers with ACTOR and Top Cow Productions whenever she can. While working for Top Cow at Wizard World Boston, she met Jennie Breeden and in turn met Lauren Perry who offered her an internship at Silent Devil. Hannah is a recent graduate of Abington Senior High School in Philadelphia and aspires to be a comic book editor.


In alphabetical order:

Christian BeranekChristian Beranek

Personal quote: "Balls forward."

Web Comic Credits:
Silent Devil: 20%
Contributing writer for Fanboy Radio

Comic Book Credits:
Silent Devil: Dracula vs. King Arthur #1 thru #4, Silent Devils, Silent Forest, Silent Forest Television Parody Special
Image Comics: The Gift #14 (back-up story), Runes of Ragnan (editor)
Se7en #4: Lust

Film Credits:
Caucasian Brown (2004): Writer, producer, actor
Thai Smile (2006): Actor

Web Credits:
Contributing writer for Last Story (2003 – 2004)

Music Credits:
Memento Mori (1995)
Stick EP (1996)
Co'Cheese Sampler (2002)
Reason Deleted (2007)

Unhappy White Girls, Venice Is Sinking, The Lure, Hip Hop Chronicles,Can't Wait to Die, Romeo and Romeo, Kathoey, Dubai, Western Anthology,Pulp Anthology, Grimm Fairy Tales Annual.

Matt BerginMatt Bergin

Writer/Co-Creator for Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers

Real Name: Matt Bergin
Group Affiliations: Division 18 creative team; Bank of America (checking); Midtown Comics frequent shoppers club
First Appearance: George Washington Hospital, 1976
Base of Operations: Bronx, New York
Origin: Mr. and Mrs. Bergin made sweet, sweet love one fateful night, and biology did the rest.
History: Matt has been making comics all his life... but mostly in crayon on construction paper, and later in the margins of notebooks when he should've been studying. Eventually, Matt started working as an editor in the health communications industry (fun!), but managed to squeeze in time during the 9 to 5 grind to work on his comics, make more talented friends, and, ultimately, make comics with those more talented friends. He was even able to fit in contributing to the comics website, where he hooked up with the Silent Devil crew. Thus, through blatant professional misconduct, Division 18 and a genuine comics career were born.

Jennie BreedenJennie Breeden

Artist/Writer for The Devil's Panties

By day, she's a comic shop register monkey and by night she's a raving lunatic with a webcomic. That's what you get when you have a degree from Savannah College of Art and Design in Sequential Art (comic books). Graduates from art college usually begin their careers with food service or retail. Knowing this, Jennie Breeden began a webcomic so that she could retain some shred of art in her daily life (that, and she wanted fanmail). She resides in Atlanta and terrorizes the customers of the local comic shop and schemes her next attack against her rival; her boyfriend's cat.

Christian ColbertChristian Colbert

Born 1978, Christian Colbert was taken at a young age by a clan on ninjas to train with them high in the mountains of Japan. It was there he gained his ghost-like stealth, and pinpoint, (some would say otherworldly) accuracy. He was on a mission in the midwestern United States when he discovered his TRUE calling when picking up a copy of classic X-Men from a drug store spinner rack. He has since denounced his clandestine ways. Now he draws comics n' stuff for whoever will pay him.

Dr. Park CooperDr. Park Cooper


Dr. Park Cooper co-writes the column, The Park and Barb Show, with his wife Barbara Lien-Cooper at He also manages the creative studio Wicker Man Studios, is editor for the Panel2Panel comic Gun Street Girl, and is co-writer of HALF DEAD, the comic coming out in March 2007 from Dabel Brothers Productions and Marvel Comics. He's also Silent Devil's newest editor.

Jason CoplandJason Copland

Jason Copland is the artist and co-creator of the Silent Devil release, EMPTY CHAMBER. Jason has also done the art for a number of shorter stories that have appeared in popular comic anthologies, including A. David Lewis’ MORTAL COILS and Hoarse & Buggy’s WESTERN TALES of TERROR.

As an artist interested in comic books, Jason counts many comic illustrators as influences on his work. He highly admires the skills of creators such as Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walt Simonson, Guy Davis, Ashley Wood, Alex Toth, Jorge Zaffino and Paul Pope.

Jason is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and lives in Vancouver, Canada. He loves playing and watching hockey almost as much as he loves spending time with his wife, Jackie, and his son, Stewart

Tony DiGerolamoTony DiGerolamo

Web Comic Credits:
Silent Devil: Super Frat
Contributing writer for 20%.
Contributing writer for the new website.

Comic Book Credits:
Bongo Comics: The Simpsons #77, Bart Simpson #9, Bart Simpson #15, Bart Simpson #19, Bart Simpson #21, Bart Simpson #22, Bart Simpson #24, Bart Simpson #28, The Simpsons #114, Bart Simpson #30 and future stories for Bongo Comics.
Kenzer and Company: Everknights #3 and regular series writer Everknights #1 thru #14, The Travelers #4 thru #20 and contributor to Knights of the Dinner Table.
Wingnut Games: The Travelers #21 thru #25.
SJR Productions: Jersey Devil #1 thru #12, The Fix #1 thru #4, Rodney: The Alien That Smoked Pot #1 and The Travelers #0 thru #3.

Film and TV Credits:
Ten Cents A Minute: Award winning short for Sweety Cat Productions 2003.
The Crusaders of Science for Luchow Productions (comedy/sci-fi pilot) 2003.
Mafioso: The Father, The Son (feature) for Eagle Films (on DVD in 2004).
The Evil Within (feature) for Eagle Films 1999.
Jokewriter for Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher (’95 to ’97)

Book Credits:
The Simpsons Books of Wisdom from Bongo Comics and Harper Collins 2005.
The Undercover Dragon from Padwolf Publishing 2002.
The Fix: Fix in Overtime from Padwolf Publishing 2001.

Lookin’ at Comics (comic reviews): appears monthly in Knights of the Dinner Table magazine.
Ask Señor Cactus: (online advice column): appears monthly at
Ask the DM (online advice column): at from 2003-2004.

Game Credits:
52 Complete Mafia for d20 adventures: online at ( 2005-2006).
Tony DiGerolamo’s Complete Mafia for d20 from Living Room Games (2005).
Lethal Legacies trap book from Goodman Games.
The Hackmaster RPG: The Hacklopedia of Beasts Volumes 1 thru 8 and Slaughterhouse Indigo adventure module, both from Kenzer & Company.
Contributing writer for The Le Games, the D6 System and Solid! for d20.

Web Credits:
Things I’ve Learned from the Internet at Yanke Pot Roast
Stats on the Neal Pollack from the Neal Pollack Roast
Various articles for

Jeremy DonelsonJeremy Donelson

Jeremy Donelson is the artist and co-creator of Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers. He studied illustration at Washington University in St. Louis and has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. He was one of the contributors to the criminally under appreciated comic anthology Comedy Round-Up, and his time as the Internet comic critic "The Pickytarian" was legendary among his dozens of fans. He currently spends his days working as a user interface designer and his nights and weekends drawing comics. In the tiny little spaces between those tasks, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy (a considerably more talented artist than him) and their cat, Buddy (a considerably less talented artist than either one of them).

David FairleyDavid Fairley

Many moons ago David Fairley and Christian Beranek both worked together at a job in the Chicago area.  They hated it and decided to devise an escape plan.  In 1996 that plan became known as Silent Devil. Since the inception of the company, David has provided creative support and character designs on the graphic novel Silent Devils and co-created the web comic 20%. In the future David plans on debuting some secret projects that have been brewing in the lab. We don't know what they are yet (because they are secret) but we can tell you that the smell from underneath the floorboards is getting bad!

Tony FleecsTony Fleecs

Born in Baltimore and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, artist Tony Fleecs currently lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he is a full-time graphic artist at a television station and a freelance illustrator/storyboard artist.  He received his associate’s degree in computer animation from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1999; his graduating demo reel was awarded “Best 2D Demo Reel”, an honor shared with his studio mate, Adam Sherman. Recent credits include storyboard artist for Janis Figure’s “Dirty” music video, short film “Catching the Red Eye” and storyboard artist/lead animator for Janis Figure’s “Hitchhiker’s Holiday” music video. When not buried in artwork, Tony spends quality time with his embarrassingly large DVD and comic book collections.

David HopkinsDavid Hopkins

David Hopkins is a comic book writer, essayist, and pop culture junkie. From Silent Devil, look for his new version of the Greek Tragedy Antigone, with artist Tom Kurzanski. The two previously collaborated on the three-issue series Karma Incorporated from Viper Comics. In June 2006, David will debut his action-adventure graphic novel Emily Edison also available from Viper Comics. David's written short stories for  Silent Forest Television Parody Special, Dead@17: Rough Cut, Western Tales of Terror, and self-published a mini-comic called Some Other Day. He is a contributing writer for The Man from Krypton: A Closer Look at Superman from BenBella Books. David lives in Arlington, Texas with his lovely wife and daughter. They all watch too much TV.

Tom KurzanskiTom Kurzanski

Tom Kurzanski is an illustrator and writer in New York City whose artistic body of work includes Antigone from Silent Devil, as well as Karma Incorporated and Legends of the Middle-Man: the League of Professional Jealousy, both from Viper Comics, and the Comic Book Project from Dark Horse Comics and Columbia Teachers College. He is currently at work on the first in a series of self-published children's books entitled the Liar of Orpheus. He is six feet tall and wields a mighty axe.


Vivian LeeVivian Lee

Vivian Lee graduated from MICA with a degree in graphic design. Afterwards, she spent her time split between writing, drawing, and occasionally sleeping. Aside from various freelance projects, she has been contributing work to various zines in an attempt to blend together the better parts of manga, American comics and des bandes desinées. She is currently working on her first graphic novel with Christian Beranek.


A. David Lewis

Emerging from the field of comic book academia, A. David Lewis debuted his own title, the dark suspense anthology MORTAL COILS, in 2002. Initially self-published by Caption Box (, his graphic novel with mpMann and Jennifer Rodgers, THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS, was re-released to critical acclaim by Archaia Studios Press ( and won both the 2006 Howard E. Day Prize and an Honorable ention in FOREWORD MAGAZINE's 2006 Best Graphic Novel category. Following up on editorial duties for DRACULA VS. KING ARTHUR, Dave is excited both to be back home in Boston and to bring EMPTY CHAMBER to Silent Devil.

Pat LoikaPat Loika

Pat Loika loves comics. They taught him how to read and draw, the difference between good and evil, and how to pick up women. He started drawing at the age of six, and has always dreamed of creating his own characters and stories. The dream became a reality in 2005, with the release of “The Path to Armageddon” mini-series.

When Pat isn’t being creative, he can be found dealing with hotel guests with his swift and mighty hand. A member of San Diego’s tourism industry for over four years, Pat has experienced the best and the worst in all people. He has parlayed these experiences into the creation of his latest storytelling endeavor, the Silent Devil webcomic “Hotel California.”

Pat resides in San Diego, CA, where he is also setting up his own self-publishing venture alongside his partners, Chris Maze and Tim Loika. He STILL deals with insane hotel guests.

Web Comic Credits:
Hotel California ( Writer.

Comic Book Credits:
The Path to Armageddon # 1 (Ronin Studios): Writer/layout artist
Scar Tissue # 2 (Ronin Studios): Pin-up artist
The Path to Armageddon # 2 (Ronin Studios): Writer/layout artist
The Path to Armageddon # 3 (Ronin Studios): Writer/layout artist
The Path to Armageddon # 4 (Ronin Studios): Writer/layout artist

Others: contributor to “Use Your Illusion” and “The Brain Trust.”

Sean McManusSean McManus

Sean McManus has worked for over ten years in the television industry as a freelance editor of award winning commercials, television shows, and industrial films.

Independent of that career, he's written six screenplays. This is his second work for a comic book, the first to be published. He's studied writing with both Denny O'Neil and Danny Fingeroth, and plans to announce more comic projects soon.

Thomas MauerThomas Mauer

Thomas Mauer wanted to become a writer since he was six years old. He has been writing stories since first grade, though comics was never a medium he really considered until the summer of 2004. It was at that time that the works of and interviews with comics writers such as Brian Bendis and Brian K. Vaughan made him fall in love with comics again and motivated him to pursue a career in the industry. Jumping right into the thick of it, his first project was Ronin Studios' charity anthology Memories & Echoes: Remembering World War II which he edited, wrote and lettered for. This book helped him discover his passion and talent for lettering which he decided to use to break into the industry. A growing network of contacts within the comics community got him in touch with Speakeasy Comics, Silent Devil and a few other publishers in 2005/06, giving him the chance to letter for them.

Aside from comics work, he is currently working on his master's degree in Early Modern History at Otto-von-Guericke University at Magdeburg, Germany.

Thomas' credits include Ronin Studios' HOPE: New Orleans (editor, letterer), Speakeasy's The Flying Friar (editor, letterer), Th3rd World's Omega Chase and Space Doubles (letterer), Silent Devil's Monkey vs. Lemur, Jim Reaper: Week One and Dracula vs. Capone (letterer, production assistant), Arcana Studio's Dead Men Decimation (art director, letterer), Dwight MacPherson & David Barkmann's Schlachthaus (letterer), and Chris Yost & Scott Wegener's Killer of Demons (editor, letterer).

Chris MorenoChris Moreno

Chris Moreno is the artist on a ton of Silent Devil projects, including Dracula vs. King Arthur, its sequel, Dracula Vs. Capone, written by Jim Krueger, The Last Sin of Mark Grimm, with writer M. Sean McManus, and the webcomic Super Frat with long-time collaborator Tony DiGerolamo. He's also colored covers for Jennie Breeden's The Devil's Panties. Currently he's drawing the 5-issue miniseries Paul Jenkins' Sidekick for Desperado Publishing. He's also the co-creator-- along with writer Ken Lillie-Paetz-- of the strange tale of the ultimate battle for primate supremacy, Monkey in a Wagon Vs. Lemur on a Big Wheel, also published by Silent Devil. He's also provided art for Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales #8. His work has graced the pages of gaming books for companies like Burning Wheel, Kenzer & Co. on their Hackmaster game products and covers for Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine, and Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20 RPG from Living Room Games. Chris also works for the trading card company Inkworks, contributing sketch cards for their Robots and Family Guy trading card sets. Up next is his creator-owned project, The Rot Pack, Tyrannosaurus West, and Goth Ninja.

Kel Nuttall

DOB: 8/11/69
Base of Operations: North Pole, Alaska

Writing Credits (partial):
Lost Highway (Trailer Park of Terror) - Imperium Comics
Dead Man's Party (Trailer Park of Terror) - Imperium Comics
Nothingface GN - Digital Webbing Press
Rememdium (Digital Webbing Presents #21) - Digital Webbing Press
Gladiatrix (Digital Webbing Presents #15) - Digital Webbing Press
Angeline 43 (Digital Webbing Presents #8) - Digital Webbing Press
Nothingface (Digital Webbing Presents #5) - Digital Webbing Press
The Courier (Digital Webbing Presents #4) - Digital Webbing Press

Lettering Credits (partial):
Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey: Origin of the Species - Silent Devil Productions
Empty Chamber - Silent Devil Productions
Lost Squad - Devil's Due Publishing
Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey - Imperium Comics
Trailer Park of Terror - Imperium Comics
Pierce - Imperium Comics
Pistolfist - Alias Enterprises
Dead Men Tell No Tales - Arcana Studios
Bride of Freakshow - Digital Webbing Press

Taki SomaTaki Soma

Taki comes with a background in advertising. She attended Brainco Advertising School in Minneapolis, one of the most reputable ad schools in the nation as well as held employment at Falls Advertising Agency in Minneapolis for 3 years.  

She is also a comic book illustrator as well as a writer and is well seasoned regarding the working mechanisms of the comics industry. She is a great addition to the roster of Silent Devil.

Rich StahnkeRich Stahnke

Rich Stahnke is the writer and artist for Silent Devil’s 2006 mini series Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey: Origin of the Species mini series. Rich also contributes art and occasional scripts for Silent Devil’s web comic 20%.

Born in and currently living in North Carolina , Rich spends his days fighting crime as a police officer and by night, he masquerades as a mild mannered comic book creator. Evil doers beware! He also feels inadequate since he has no film credits to list in his biography.

Web Comic Credits:
Silent Devil: 20%
20% : Art/Letters/Contributing writer
Industry Standard (online comic strip, contributing writer and artist
Fanboy Daily (online comic strip artist on five strips, written by Christian Beranek

Comic Book Credits:
Launchpad (volume 1) #2: writer/artist for 8 page sample of “The Show”
Launchpad (volume 1) #3: cover artist; writer/artist for 5 page story “The Show: Wanted”
Digital Webbing Presents #9 (Digital Webbing Press): artist on short story “Tagging the Route”, written by Chris Kirby
Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey #1 (Imperium Comics volume 1): writer and artist
Launchpad (volume 2) #2: writer/artist of 3 page story “Witness”
Kade #2 (Arcana Comics): artist pin-up
Kade #3 (Arcana Comics): artist pin-up
Nothingface GN (Digital Webbing Press): artist back cover, editor main story
Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey #2 (Imperium Comics volume 1): writer/artist
Furious Fist of the Drunken Monkey- Old Skool Special (self-pub writer/artist
Trailer Park of Terror color special #3 (Imperium Comics): writer/colorist of 8 page story “Requesting Quiet”
Mysterious Visions anthology (volume 2, Dimestore Press) #1: cover artist

Hope Anthology (volume 2, Ronin Studios): cover artist (pencils and inks)
Hope: New Orleans anthology (Ronin Studios): artist pin-up

Triska TsangTriska

Triska illustrates and designs in a small, dark box with a special crayon, and is only occasionally taken out for walks, lest the general populace be horribly scarred by the vision. Triska currently self-publishes comics with one studio, does freelance work with another, and pretends to have a day job. Therefore, please send magic beans, chocolate, and motorbikes via Silent Devil, because candy corn does not a real meal make.


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